As we get older, medical issues and conditions may keep up from socializing as we once did in our younger years. A diminishing social life may occur due to the loss of friends, busyness or illnesses. Overtime this isolation can lead to health risks in seniors. Regardless of personality type, research shows that socialization will increase quality of life for seniors.

Increased Cognitive Functioning

According to Stephen Ristau’s article: People Do Need People: Social Interaction Boosts Brain Health In Older Age, “Research shows that people with regular social ties demonstrate significantly less cognitive decline when compared to those who are lonely or isolated. Some researchers believe that socialization boosts brain reserve, and is an essential component of a brain-healthy lifestyle.”

Relationships are vital for everyone. Social engagement is key to keeping the brain sharp. Having an active social life inspires us to continue learning, seeing and responding to the world around us.

Happiness and increasing cognition primarily comes from social engagement. At The Landings, there are numerous ways to get involved and stay socially active. Activities are scheduled every few hours and laughter is always heard throughout the building.

Residents have a lot of say about The Landings, “It’s a laughing place. The activities and staff keep us all happy and engaged. It’s like a big family to us.”

Filling your daily itinerary with engaging activities can lead to increased cognitive functioning and increased self-esteem.

Better Self-Esteem

Group activities and socialization may also help with a senior adult’s self-esteem. Connecting with family, friends and creating new relationships takes commitment but can ultimately be encouraging to your lifestyle. Making friendships to encourage your new lifestyle and habits are important when moving transitions occur.

Find ways to serve in your community, whether it’s church, your town, a fundraising group or your senior living community. Do for others. Not one person has regretted serving others. Contribute to your group. Give ideas, help others. Feel better!

Sense of Purpose and Belonging

Seniors tend to shut down when their sense of purpose has been lost. They start to see no meaning to their lives. At The Landings we want to make sure every resident feels valued and highlighted as they have an important role to play in society.

Experience and belonging are necessary for seniors. Even in older age, it is important to make new habits and try new activities while honing in on activities they are naturally good at. Whether it’s writing letters, leading Bible studies, starting a walking group or using their organizational skills, senior adults need to continue to use their talents and gifts!

Better Physical Health

If a senior lives a sedentary life, they have a greater chance of losing important physical functioning. Seniors can lose muscle tone each year and need physical functioning to aid in their daily lives.

Older adults that exercise regularly will keep more muscle tone, flexibility and balance and will be able to live fit and meaningful lives.

The more seniors connect, the better they feel physically and emotionally. Seniors need to be actively engaged and physically fit. Group settings like exercise classes, group walks and weightlifting can be great opportunities to stay fit and social.

Benefits of staying active include a lower blood pressure, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and potentially a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

“The Landings has helped me become more active,” says a resident at The Landings. “Through the scheduled activities, I’ve been able to meet new friends and have great conversation!”

Just like our residents at The Landings, seniors will feel much better physically when they are socializing.


No matter our age, we are more likely to keep ourselves well and healthy if we have someone keeping us accountable. Accountability can help in our food choices, exercising habits and social interactions.

Accountability from friends pushes us to stay well and stay active. These actions can lead to less stress and anxiety and can help seniors adopt a positive state of mind.

Ease Caregiver Stress

Socialization gives caregivers the necessary break they need. Community groups and programs like Adult Day allow caregivers to take proper care of themselves or allow them to return to a previous job or hobby.

Relationship building is at the heart of The Landings, as we make it goal to make sure our residents and members are engaged with others and leading fulfilling lives. We like to hear their preferences and opinions, so we can create personalized activity programs and lifestyle plans.

Convinced that socialization will ultimately provide a better quality of life for your loved on? At The Landings we provide countless opportunities to stay active and socialize.

Contact us today for your own personalized tour. See why The Landings is the perfect option for your retirement living!