The Landings is an exciting place to work and provides great care to its happy residents! Every now and then, it’s nice to take a break from the daily hustle to kick back, chat, and find out more about our residents!

This month, we introduce you to, Marian Byrne!

Marian is one of our first residents at The Landings. If you are to take a tour of our community, you will most likely hear Marian laughing and joking with some of her fellow residents. She is involved in almost every activity at The Landings.

Byrne particularly loves going on community outings like to the Pumpkin Patch or riding the train to the Centralia House, “The activities keep us amused and busy. I’ve made many dear friends here so far because of activities,” she says.

Marian grew up in St. Louis, a part of a full-blooded Irish family. While she lived in St. Louis, she continued her college career in New Orleans, where she met her husband.

“We met in a bar,” says Byrne. “He walked in with his Loyola University shirt on, he was tall, had black hair and the brightest blue eyes you’ll ever see. That’s all it took!”

Marian and her husband have 8 children, living all over the country, from Illinois to California, Minnesota and Florida.

Marian talks about her time with her children, “I love to visit all of my children, but the Minnesota weather sure doesn’t agree with me!”

Marian mentions how she ended up in Southern Illinois after living such big towns like St. Louis and New Orleans.

“I loved New Orleans, the lifestyle and the fun,” Byrne says, “but we didn’t have changing seasons. I love it in Southern Illinois, especially around fall because of the changing leaves and temperatures. My kids, and being a part of the changing seasons keeps me in Southern Illinois. It’s beautiful!

Those who know Marian agree that some of her greatest qualities are talking, loving on people and her honesty.

Marian is full of great advice, jokes and laughter. Her greatest piece of advice is, “Don’t cry, laugh,” says Bryne, “If you can laugh at yourself you’ll be just fine.

Marian appreciates The Landings staff for their upbeat attitudes and timeliness. Marian often talks about her time at The Landings and shows off her apartment, “The staff are happy here and it shows. You’ll hear the staff laughing in the background and it makes you feel more like home.”

Byrne has 30 grandchildren and 38 grandchildren. She loves her big family and loves that she feels right at home at The Landings.

“Since I’m from a big family, have a big family, it’s nice to have another big family at The Landings,” says Marian.