So, you’re moving to a new space? This a great opportunity for new experiences! With this sort of opportunity comes some headache of downsizing. I know most of us don’t like this term, but think about it…We all need less stuff, right?

Instead of making downsizing an impossible task, why not make it a time of enjoyment and reminiscence? Here are 7 tips for helping you start the process of downsizing.

Start Small – Starting with the whole house is too overwhelming. Don’t tackle the whole house at once. The hardest rooms are generally the garage, attic and shed. This is where our bigger items and unused items usually go to get lost. Try with small rooms first. It’s important to feel accomplishment each step of the way. Completing small rooms each day can help you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Understand Your Goals – Why are you downsizing? Is it for a financial goal? A lifestyle goal? Keep these goals in mind whenever you are doubting your downsizing.

Think Extra Cash – Why not sell a few items and get some extra spending money for your new place? Facebook Marketplace, eBay and consignment shops are great options for selling your items.

Visualize Your Space – If you are tackling one room at a time, mark your boxes for your new space ahead of time. If you find an item that you know you can’t live without, place it in your new space box! If you visualize your space while you are sorting, you will have a good idea of how much you can take with you.

Get Rid of Duplicates – We don’t need 4 stockpots, do we? Especially if we are moving into a senior living community, all of your cooking and meal planning is done for you! While you are downsizing, try to sell or donate duplicate items.

Pile System – In each room, try the pile system! Make a Yes pile and a No pile. Skip the Maybe pile. The maybes generally get moved into the Yes pile and you have more than you can take with you. “Have I used this in a year?” No? Send it to the No pile.

Be Creative! – Knick knacks such as dolls, shot glasses from vacations or your fishing lures can take up a lot of space. Choose a few of your favorite items for the set, take photos of the rest and then sell or donate the items. You will still have one of your favorite items, while not having the clutter hang over your head. Instead of items staying in storage until you purge the next time, why not just purge the items and still enjoy them in a photo book?

Dealing with transition and the emotional toll of downsizing is difficult. Surrounding yourself with friends and loved ones can make the process a little easier. Think of it this way, less clutter makes room for more opportunities!

Are you starting the process of downsizing or looking into senior living? We’d love to talk to you at The Landings and give you a tour of our community! Contact us today!