You start to see a change in mom and you know it’s time to have the conversation about getting more medical help. What do you do?

For most of us, senior living isn’t a conversation until it’s necessary. Most don’t make plans to move in to a senior living community until living at home is no longer a safe option.

As caregivers, these conversations are intimidating to face. So how do you start the conversation and overcome their objections? How do you prepare for the resistance? The unpredictability becomes a big and daunting challenge.

“I’m Not Leaving My Home!” 

It is a place of comfort, familiarity, and it is full of memories.   Therefore, approaching the subject should be made with careful consideration of how this move may impact your loved one.

This is a frequent concern expressed by many senior citizens to Andy Belt, Executive Director of The Landings.  Regardless of how serious the need may be for help, it is not easy to give up one’s home.

“In most cases, families will need to have multiple conversations with their loved one(s) before a decision is reached.  Expect there to be resistance and be willing to listen and understand.  Start the conversation early and begin reviewing different options.  This will help avoid difficult situations where a decision must be made from urgency” says Belt.

 “I’m Getting Around Fine!”

Seniors have spent their entire lives taking care of everyone else. Finally turning the tables and being the one taken care of can be a difficult change. The reality of getting older can be scary too. Their whole life has flown before their eyes. Denial about age is bound to happen.

How to Overcome: Remind your loved one that aging is a gift. It means they have lived and learned and can now pass on that wisdom and experience. Just because aging is occurring does not mean the fun has to stop.

“I’m Not Going to a Nursing Home!”

Negative perceptions of senior living communities are common. Most individuals forget the amazing independence senior living can have. Today, there are so many opportunities to socialize and stay active in senior living.

How to Overcome: To break the misconception, make sure you take a tour! See the activity and wellness programs offered. Feel out the environment, have lunch and enjoy conversation with some of the current residents.

“It’s Too Expensive!”

Kristen Bathon, Director of Marketing, hears this concern daily. That’s why Bathon created the Cost Calculator to help individuals see the financial benefit of living at The Landings as opposed to staying at home when medical care is needed.

“When there is medical need, we’ve seen that living at The Landings is the best investment,” says Bathon.

Many seniors deepen this objection claiming that they don’t want to spend their children’s’ inheritance. They want to save up their money. What they fail to consider is the cost of maintenance when they can no longer do their daily chores.

How to Overcome: In a seniors’ world where products and services have never cost as much as they do now, it is important to emphasize that having them in a safe, invigorating and active environment is the best gift they could ever give you.

“I Won’t Know Anyone!”

Unfamiliar environments can be scary for anyone, especially if it is a complete lifestyle and home change. Imagine living in the same home for 60 plus years and then moving in what seems like and instant. It’s the home where you raised your kids, it’s where you and your spouse had a life together. Imagine leaving that for a new home. Although senior living is very exciting, it’s still a transition.

How to Overcome: It is important for your loved one to take a realistic look at their situation and remind them that at a senior living community, daily maintenance and chores are taken care of for them. Remind them to imagine the carefree lifestyle they can live and the new friends they can make in a new community of people.

Instead of waiting until senior living is a necessity, start talking to your loved ones about the benefits and luxuries of senior resort living. Start taking tours and having those conversations! We’d love to talk with you about The Landings.